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    Starchiojd Village (Comuna Starchiojd) is located on the North-East of Prahova County, at the lower ends of the Middle Carpathian Mountains. It's about 50 km far from Ploiesti and 20 km far from Valenii de Munte.
    Its altitude is about 500 m inside a kind of natural fortress, that is made by 5 valleys: Chiojd, Brădet, Benia, Valea Anei şi Rotarea and having flowing waters such as: the backwater of Brădetului, the backwater of Gîrbeasca that has its spring in the Plesi Mountains (also called Roanda), the two uniting at the entrance of Valea Anei with Bătrâneanca (also called Stimnic), which flows into Bâsca creek, which is a tributary river for Buzău river.
    At the northern border flows the river Teleajen. The etymology of the word ...read more



The legend of Starchiojd:

... the legend has it
There were two old people
In "Batrani" they've stopped
And a house they've built.

And they had a workshop,
Cattles in their yard
They had hills and valleys
And they had three boys.

The big boy was
Set to get married,
Between hills and springs
And so Chiojdul Mare was founded.

The youngest boy
Was sent to Colnic
Where he got rich
And Chiojdul Mic was founded.

In the dense green forest
They've build a house to Ana
Since then this is called
Valea Anei - beautifull name.

We look forward to having you as our guests!

"At the Mansion"

The "At the Mansion" accommodation is situated in Starchiojd Village (Comuna Starchiojd), in close vicinity of "At the Spring" and it provides accommodation for up to 20 persons, having 4 rooms and 2 apartments...read more

La Conac - Domeniul Girbea Starchiojd

"At the Spring"

"At the Spring" accommodation is situated in Starchiojd Village (Comuna Starchiojd), in close vicinity of "At the Mansion" and it has 24 available accommodation spaces divided in 4 rooms X 3 persons...read more

La Izvor - Domeniul Girbea Starchiojd

"At the Waterfall"

"At the Waterfall" accommodation is situated near Starchiojd Village, on the west side of Buzau County, in the proximity of Prahova County, at 10 km to "At the Mansion" (Conacul Girbea) from Starchiojd and it has a capacity of 58 guests, that are distributed as follows: 6 rooms x 2 persons, 2 rooms x 3 persons, 3 rooms x 4 persons, 2 cottages x 4 persons, 3 apartments x 4 persons, 1 apartment x 8 persons. All of the accommodation spaces have individual bathrooms ...read more

La Cascada - Domeniul Girbea Starchiojd

"At the Ranch"

"At the Ranch" accommodation is situated on the Starchiojd Village (Comuna Starchiojd) entrance, having a capacity of 23 persons that are distributed as follows: 2 rooms X 4 places, 2 rooms X 5 places and one apartment that can accommodate 5 guests. All the "At the Ranch" guests can buy and enjoy 100% eco products, made from milk and meat that are produced in the Girbea Ranch. ...read more

Ferma - Domeniul Girbea Starchiojd

Contact info
Telephone: +40722.542.199
Mobile: +40766.447.136
Email: claudia.girbea@domeniulgirbea.ro
Address: Benia Street, number 79, Starchiojd, Prahova County